Thinking About Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Thinking About Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Teeth whitening treatments have taken off over the past 10 years.

Here at The Smile Pros, we provide professional, dental-grade products for your use at home. Whether you are on the move or relaxing at home, The Smile Pros teeth whitening treatments can work to brighten your smile by up to 10 shades saving your thousands of dollars on the treatments offered by dentists. Our teeth whitening treatments are as safe as they are effective and are clinically endorsed by dentists the world over which is why it is such a trusted method of achieving your ideal smile.

All of our teeth whitening treatments are FDA approved and are created with your safety as the main priority and we guarantee results with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The mouthguard in your kit is shaped to fit all smiles and been made using food-grade silicon. It fits comfortably onto any size mouth and tooth alignment. Teeth whitening treatments from The Smile Pros use carbamide peroxide, the key ingredient in our incredible formula that can brighten your teeth up to 10 shades and is an industry leader in terms of its effectiveness. Studies have shown that carbide peroxide delivers far more drastic results and using it in safe doses allows us to give you the best results in only 6 applications of 10 minutes each.

What causes tooth staining?

There are a whole host of reasons that can cause your teeth to stain or discolour and one of those causes is age. Even if you have previously used teeth whitening treatments your teeth will always naturally darken as you age and if you are in your 20s this may require a little bit more effort. Teens are likely to achieve the best results and experience almost immediate change in the brightness of their teeth. If your teeth are thinner and more transparent, then they will be less responsive to teeth whitening than if they were thicker and of a more solid colouring.

This is something that is caused by genetics and becomes more prevalent as you age. In addition to these cases, your eating habits can also play a major role in the staining of your teeth and things like red wine, coffee, tea, cola, carrots, oranges and others are all responsible for discolouration. Naturally, if you are a smoker then your teeth will be stained by the nicotine in cigarettes and cause intrinsic discolouration and the brightness of your teeth using The Smile Pros will be just about negated if you continue to smoke during your treatment.

Despite all of these, there are ways in which you can maintain your beautiful new smile and extend the longevity of your teeth whitening. Avoiding those dark coloured foods that we mentioned previously, using a straw wherever possible when consuming coloured liquids and practising excellent hygiene at home, are all great ways to make sure your smile stays whiter for longer.

Why should you whiten your teeth?

Whether you have always wanted to get teeth whitening treatments or you have simply decided to brighten your smile by a few shades we have a teeth whitening treatment to fit your needs and your lifestyle. As much as we have discussed how many things can stain your teeth, almost anyone who decides to use teeth whitening treatments can see a moderate to dramatic improvement in the lightness of their teeth and even though it is not a long-term solution, you can maintain your sparkling smile as long as you continue your treatment. Many dentists have agreed that take-home teeth whitening treatments can provide the best results over longer periods of time and our kits are super safe and easy-to-use.

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