Teeth Whitening’s Fascinating Past

Teeth Whitening’s Fascinating Past

Everyone knows about the modern phenomenon that is teeth whitening but people looking to brighten their smile by a few shades isn’t a new trend.

Teeth whitening has become the most commonly performed cosmetic dentistry procedure in recent times and more people are having their pearly whites brightened than ever before. But this doesn’t mean that we haven’t wanted to keep our teeth sparkling in the past with teeth whitening treatments dating as far back as 4000 B.C.

Some of the greatest empires whitened their teeth

Back in civilisation’s infancy people didn’t use a toothbrush. They did, however, use what we call ‘chew sticks’; small twigs our ancient brothers and sisters used to chew in order to scrape the particles and debris off of their teeth.

The actual practice of whitening teeth began in ancient Egypt around 4,000 years ago when they created a paste from grinding a pumice stone and mixing it with wine vinegar. White teeth were seen as beautiful and a sign of affluence.

The Romans used a slightly less appetising method by using the ammonia in their own urine to bleach their teeth. In the 17th century, barbers were not only responsible for the state of your hair but for your teeth whitening treatments as well. They would file down the teeth before applying an acid that would whiten them, this was to the great detriment of their teeth long term and led to massive decay later.

Modern teeth whitening treatments

Teeth whitening treatments as we now know them today started around the late 1980s with Jean Arthur who was a cosmetic and restorative dentist in Providence, Rhode Island. Peroxide was first used as an oral antiseptic in order to treat gums during procedures and when patients were exposed to the gel for prolonged periods of time, their teeth visibly whitened. Shortly afterwards, the boom of teeth whitening treatments became a worldwide sensation and seemed to fit a new culture of instant gratification.

Teeth whitening treatments from Smile Pro

Your teeth become discoloured or stain for a number of reasons including the ageing process, your diet and especially smoking. Smile Pro teeth whitening treatments can brighten your smile by up to 8 shades using one of the most sophisticated formulas on the market. You can achieve your dream smile in just 2 weeks of sustained treatment either at home or on the go.

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